Teaching and Learning

"The Goal"
An educational program building independence and basic Dive skills for Local members of the Sanctuary Community, while promoting self-advocacy and community inclusion.

More Information on why?
Just doing what I can do, with out focusing on what I can't do. 

I now diving in Dauin for several months now and I noticed that that there are a lot of locals who would like to dive but do not have the opportunity to do so. The reason behind this is simple, most can not afford to do it!

Diving is Expensive, and more common in Dauin, diving is reserved for the Rich and Privileged Resort Divers ( If you look at it from a Local Youths eyes), Sadly a for a local a single dive at resort cost would be 4 days 5 days salary and then add the Reef fee and Air add another day to that all in all a weeks salary to do one dive, and these guys watch these guys do up to 3 dives a day. (Personally I feel the Local who wishes to dive deserves the chance to do this as it is their back yard!!!)

PADI and SSI are Expensive, and I personally (With all respect to PADI as I am a PADI Professional) think that their method of training is not enough for a LOCAL Diver ... Sure it will give them the skills needed to make their first dive but they, in order to become a better diver, would need to take not just the Open Water Course, but then The Advanced, then take several Specialty Courses after that Advanced course to make them Qualified to Dive with out a "GUIDE" (Resort Divers Tend to always be Baby sited), Once these guy learned to dive on their own they I feel should be fully prepared to do this... Unlike a "Resort Diver" Who might go on one dive adventure a year.

Why I am willing to do this?
Because, I personally am RETIRED and find that I would like to now do something useful with my time.

My last position in the USA was a Teacher of Handicapped and Disabled Children not only that I Started Diving in 1988 Taking a "Career Diver" Course in High School it was a year long course that was Approved by the Department of education to prepare you in a Career of diving (In 1988 Resort Diving and Recreational diving was not a big thing.)

The Course was to prepare us for a job in "Commercial Diving", "Public Service Diving", "TEC Diving" and "Combat Diving for the US NAVY " .

( I Was Gun Hoe About Joining the Navy but Flat feet stopped me from joining)

Taking that course provided me with more knowledge than I felt I learned with PADI becoming a Specialty Instructor. I quickly Learned that I do not want to TEACH PADI or SELL PADI (Again No Offence PADI) But it is what it is.

I would now like to take the time to use my acquired knowledge to MAKE BETTER DIVERS.

I do not care if you never have had a dive before or you just want to be a better diver - Opportunity Awaits, and I am not going to do this taking advantage of one Check Book!

Local Residents Come Schedule your dive today, (For Tourists please see Dauin Dive And Tours )  I am a PADI Professional and will abide and work within PADI Standards but Hope to SPECIALIZE in Helping the Newly Certified Diver Become a Better Diver and Guiding the "Want To Be Diver" in the right direction to becoming a Diver.

Thank You
Dive Master THAD