Mission – “Mapping Project”

Mapping Project

Our Mapping project is being started, First we will use as much of the Existing Information that our group can gather (This is currently in the works), then we will use the current maps to identify the Reef,  The Mapping project will also Identify each Dive Site... the information gathered by each of our divers will be then used to Identify the Reef, types of corals, types of fish and then finally on the map position and location of this information, then we will post this information  to be available to the Local Dive shops as well as the public.

It is our hopes that by Identifying the Marine Life, providing information about this life such as, What it is, How we can Protect it and keep it on our reef. The Project will also track the Locations of the marine life to see how the divers diving in the sanctuary are affecting the marine life.

The information we collect will not only help   local shops but it will also help Identify the health of the reef is growing ... or digressing ... the information then can be used to protect the reef.