Mission Objective

Mission Goal

"Be A Better Diver"

How can one "Be A Better Diver"? At Sanctuary Teaching Learning Center We are dedicating our self to making better divers by teaching divers, from the first timer to well seasoned divers that diving is more than getting a card and making the plunge.   Being a better diver  involves teaching Social Responsibility, Experience, Understanding as well as learning more about your experience underwater.   

To Learn more you must embrace each dive and ask yourself what am I doing to reduce my foot print on the environment that engineered to be in?  First and foremost we must always go with the attempt to leave this underwater world in better shape than we entered it. Most will ask... How can I do this? This is an easy answer ... when your walking in the park and you see something laying on the ground like a Soda Can or candy Wrapper you don't just step over it ... Or do you?  Well I guess the answer to that depends on your nature, but one would hope you would pick it up. The same concept must be embraced underwater!!!! You See something that you can remove and it takes nothing more than reaching out and doing something. Now I am not saying to put yourself at risk, Know when to and when not to ... but your BCD can hold the random plastic or bottle you come across it might not seem like much but on every dive, every person picks up one thing  ... that means thousands pounds of garbage will get picked up each day, month and year, This is one step in "Social Responsibility".

Next step in "Being A Better Diver", Involves "Experience", yes it is true there are just a few simple rules that you need to know in order to go diving, the most basic being #1 Never Hold Your Breath, #2 Equalize early and Often, #3 and Slow DOWN.

FACT and proven that diving is not so hard, Anyone can do it ... The more you do it the better you will become, well in most cases.  True Bad habits are hard to break, so Learn as much as you can as each dive, it is a learning experience.

So you have a CARD that says you can dive ... But that card just says that you have learned the basics it dose not say you can know what your doing. This is where We would like to Better your EXPERIENCE (To improve and enjoy both meanings of the word) ,  by involving Social Responsibility, repetition and Education doing things like Dedicated Dive Ventures to remove rubbish from the reef - The benefit of this is not only good for the reef but when because most trash builds up in shallow waters ... The new or inexperienced diver will build bouncy skills ... so you can swim though Hoops or do something useful with your tank of air.  

Other ways that we can also improve our Skills, Gain Knowledge and be socially Responsible is to Make your dive worth more than just swim.  Every Diver no matter where your diving (our goal and what we teach here at Sanctuary Teaching and Learning Center ) is that your Dive should have more purpose than just a "FUN DIVE", not to say that your dive will be less than fun, but your dive log is important and should contain more than just how long you were under, the temperature of the water and how deep you went.  Your dive log, when share your information can  you can be part of a greater plan. Your dive log should not just contain the basics, it should also contain (and you should have the ability to Identify (if you call yourself a Diver)) Fish ID, there abundance, What was the Corals like what types, did they look healthy?  lastly it should also contain your thoughts on how clean the dives were this is all part of being a good diver ... Not Oh well I got a 100 dives in and I do not need to do this anymore. THE LOG is important.

Lastly LEARN, Ask Questions ...  the only STUPID Question is a Question not asked. 

This is Just Part of our Goal here at "Sanctuary Teaching And Learning Center". 


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Describe Year Goals
#1 - Collect ___Kg of Garbage this year.
A - Create Fun and Amusing ways to encourage people to remove garbage.
B - Weekly compilation with prizes for who picks up the most Garbage.
c - Sub Category of garbage. ( Some garbage is worth more points than other Garbage)

#2 - Mapping of the Divesites of Dauin
A- Benefits - Gives open source Information about Each Dive Site
B- Detailed information about what and where was found.

#3 - Fish ID
a- To Identify what marine critters are in the sanctuary as well as the number of them.
b- To learn more about the sanctuary and how we can encourage a growth in Marine Life.

#4 - Daily Mission - What is this and why?
a- This will be a daily Mission to Reach Yearly Goals of #1 though #3
B- Who - Me, Guests, Visitors, Locals and who ever whats to
C- Stay for a cause will get a tank of air - For Daily Mission
D- We do what we can each day to reach Yearly Goal.

This page is also to contain Why we are doing this, the benefit of doing this.

Our secondary mission here is to provide divers with an opportunity to "Be a Better Diver"

Example: You can Pay Padi to help you with your buoyancy by taking a course, or you can Dive with us on a Cleaning Dive, we will be diving in shallow waters, by diving in shallow water you learn to control your buoyancy better the more you do it ... by learning to exhale enough to keep you on the bottom where the trash is. - Kinda like the karate kid movie where he learns his skills by On the Job Training.

Again you can pay to learn about Fish ID or you can dive with us and learn how to properly Photograph under water using Digital camera, then take that photo and Identify the critter through Books, Knowledge, and Social Media. Then Log your Source for Identification as well and the Critters Useful information.

Mapping Skills -Not only great skills to be learned by every diver, or DMT and Instructor but by helping Dauin Marine sanctuary you will Improve your Dive Skills, Learn how to Properly Map a Site and provide useful information the Site can use to not only help Tourism but also Identify Critters, Locate Issues and Provide useful information the government can use to find farther ways of protecting the reef.

Over all by Diving with Dauin Marine Sanctuary.com you will be given useful information on a daily basis that will make you a better diver but also give you the knowledge on how to reduce your impact on your pleasure diving. It is my hopes that one will come from the experience and help give Divers Purpose for there dive. It is our responsibility as divers to not just enjoy a dive but care for the environment we dive in to keep it here for generations to come.

Missions Daily Routine:
Monday to Friday -
10am - Mission Briefing - Like any dive, it should have a Briefing, this breefing will discuss what the "Purpose" of Dive, we will also touch on any Educational or Dive Sills that will be useful for this dive. - More info to come -

12 Noon - Mission (Dive) (Goal to go on dive and collect information Photos, Mapping and or Provide Service to Reef)

3pm - Debriefing Like any good dive this is where we will sit and have a discussion on the Dive, if the Mission Objective was Successful, Identify Marine life or discuss what information was collected. Providing Education about critters and or lesson to be learned from dive.
(Update Website with Useful Information from dive mission on DauinMarineSanctuary.com Daily Dive Blog - also updated Database with any new discoveries found on Dive Mission.)

The Debrifing is open to the community to join, member of the comminity are welcome to come learn more about their reef by comming to the Debreefing this is where they can learn about "Diving", "Skills", "Coral ID" as well as "Fish ID" - The Discussion on this mainly open to the divers that went on mission, but locals are encouraged to participate in discussion as it pertains to the mission.

Mission - Research

1- Learn More about The Reef and what the Marine Holds
a) Mapping and Critter ID
B) Identify Hotspots where improvements or Special Protections can be made

2- Build a Marine Life Library open for Public and Government observations
a) Identify Marine Life and where it is located on the Reef of Dauin
b) Identify Reef Coral Life and where it is Located on Reef
c) Hot Spots - Garbage, Wildlife, interesting findings

3- Research the connection between Some Physical Ailments and Diving
a) Reduction Of Blood Pressure
b) Reduction of Anxiety and Relaxation
c) Use of Diving as a Rehabilitation form of Therapy.

4- Provide "Missions" to be Carried out to Provide Dauin With More Information about he Sanctuary
a) Monday to Friday Group Missions to gain information about Dauin Marine Sanctuary.
b) Buddy and Solo Missions Available for Qualified divers to Collect Information for database
- Photography Mission - Identify Corals and Marine Life in Photography Form
- Mapping Mission - To Identify Reef and Map its layout and location of Marine Life for database.
- Trash Pickup Dives - Open To Public for Beach and Coastal Shore Dive for Sanitation of Trash Hot spots
- Educational Fun Dives - Dives Geared to Improving ones dive skills by also providing a Community Service. - Teaching Divers how to collect information when they go on a Mission Dive.

Future Employment Opportunities -

Tank Boy - Pay 200 Pesos Per Tank Per Customer who requests or needs this service

Dive Master - Pay 750 Per dive ( This position will be open to a Qualified Dive Master/Instructor who can Take a Project Dive Mission, The Dive Master will be Responsible for the Dive Brief, Dive (ensure the safity of divers and the paperwork of dive) they must also do the Debriefing and will have Access to DauinMarineSanctuary to updated the Database with findings on that mission.)

Trash Collector
- Pay 150 Per Dive to pick up garbage affecting the reef.

Instructor/Workshop Trainer - 350 Pesos - Pay to teach a class about Mapping, fish and coral ID and other services provided by the Website.

PADI Instructors - Provide a Form where New Padi Instructors can Intern Teaching courses at a Discounted Rate (The Discounted Course Rate Will be open to public and have a select "Local" Free Dive Lessons, the Instructor will get the going rate for instructing student of 30 dollars a course per student. The Instructor will be Responsible and Independent of the shop we will provide the space they need to teach, Each of their customers will be responsible for there Gear, Instruction Material and PADI Fees. For Each Course the instructor must also Teach Mapping, Fish and Coral ID as well as Teach about the local Reef. (The courses on this will be limited to weather Intern is available - having limited number of classes at a reduced rate for learning to provide for a Public learning Center)
Because for each Dive the Student goes for they will provide DAUIN MARINE SANCTUARY with Needed information for the Website. For Reduced Rate The Student will Clean the Reef. (The Cleaning and Information is in Lew of paying Reef Fees while learning.

Positions will be available as funds become available for service.