MaxPlace Hostel

MaxPlace Hostel 

For more information on budget accommodation offered  to our clients please see link below.

Hostel Rates:
600 - Fan Bed
750 - A/C Bed

2000 Per Night Dive and Stay Package (Proceeds Benifit a Local Dive Student) 

Please inquire about Stay and Dive Packages, the Dives are Discounted and also Provide a Service to the local Reef "Dauin Marine Sanctuary" - Stay for a Cause. 

Common Room

Our Common Room offers:
Cable Television
Free WiFi
Comfortable Seating 
Plenty of room to Socialize
Book Exchange (Coming Soon)
Quiet Hours ( From 9pm - 9am ) 

A/C Room – 750 A Bed per night

A/C Room Offers:
New Beds 
Housekeeping Included
Room has own Comfort Room
Plenty of room to Move around
Air Conditioning
Special Rates for Discounted Diving 

Fan Room – 600 Per Bed Per Night

Fan Room Offers
Our Fan room offers comfortable new beds
Towels and Housekeeping
A fan for comfort
Lots of room to move around

Common Kitchen

This Space is for common use to prepare your own food that may be purchased from the local shops for individuals looking to keep with in there budget.  We ask that this space be kept clean and if it is used it is left in the way it was found. There is a Frig for use we ask that you label your items with your Name and Checkout date Frig will be cleaned by housekeeping and Items may be removed if not labeled.  There is also Free Fresh Water for consumption. 

Karaoke, Snack and Beverage Bar

At MaxPlace we are dedicated to service and entertainment of our customer.  The bar will offer Karaoke plus Snack and Beverages for purchase.  The Snack Bar is also where our customer can Exchange there Towels and Get Laundry Service.  We strive to meet our customers needs and provide the best costumer service we possible can. 

On Site MotorBike Rental

Maxplace strives to meet our customers needs, We offer great rates on Motorbike Rentals to get you around town.  

Sanctuary Teaching and Learning Center

This space is used for the Teaching and learning Center, set up your customized Instruction for your stay, The Teaching and Learning Center is Dedicated to Building better diver and in the process we will also help the reef as well as protect Dauins Natural Resources for all to enjoy. During class Down time this space is a perfect place to hang out watch Cable Television and relax. This Space will also be used for nightly Movie Nights and Games. Enjoy Free WiFi here as well. We offer plenty of room to relax and find out what you want to do with your day, even if it is to just chill. 

More Common Space

As you can see there is plenty of space for everyone to spread out, this space is where the Dive Library  and Collection of research will be. This space will also be available for study and understanding of materials needed to be learned or researched to improve the website. 

Animal Friendly

Here at MaxPlace we have Pets, This is Snow he is the House cat, there is also a Puppy that roams sometimes ... Both are friendly. 

We care for the local animals and at times being Dauin there are plenty of Dogs and Cats that Roam we encourage all guest to be friendly to them as it keeps them docile, often a random dog might come exploring, be nice and they will be nice to you.

Just wanted to give fair warning as the Neighborhood dogs are all around ... when renting bikes be careful as when they are at rest in the middle of the road they might just expect you to go around them ... and  sometimes when your diving down the road they can dart out or move at a moments notice. Be kind ... Look out for them and when you see them slow down and expect the unexpected.




Here at MaxPlace we offer plenty of adventure, there is plenty to do - 

MaxPlace has a Tour Desk where you can book anyone of the following adventures and plenty more. 

Zip lining 
Water Park Adventure
Horse Back Riding
Hot Springs Adventure
Water Fall Hikes
ATV Adventures
Beach Bonfires 

There is so much to experience and more ... We have what your looking for and if it is not listed ASK ... we strive to meet and exceed your needs.