Emergency Infomation

Dauin Emergency Numbers:
Dauin Police: 09176349169 or 09176349169
Dumaguete Police: 09292006999
Fire Dept.: Emergency :160
Tel. No. 0352253445, 422-9672
Dumaguete Siilimon Ambulance: 4227-180
Dumaguete HolyChild Ambulance: 09354210991
DAN (Divers Alert NETWROK) http://www.danap.org/

More Emergency information will be posted as we gain more information. 

Dive Accident Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Diving Accident Emergency Management Plan

A diving accident victim is any person who has been breathing air underwater regardless of depth. It is essential that emergency procedures are pre-planned and medical treatment is initiated as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the “Lead Diver” to develop procedures for such emergencies including evacuation and medical treatment for each dive location.

General Procedures:

Explain the circumstances of the dive incident to the evacuation team, medics and physicians. Do NOT assume that they understand why 100% Oxygen may be required for the diving accident victim or that decompression treatment may be necessary.

Rescue victim and/or position so the proper procedures may be initiated.

Establish (A)irway, (B)reathing and (C)irculation as required.

Administer 100% oxygen, if appropriate (in cases of Decompression Illness or Near Drowning).

Activate the local Ambulance for transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility. (the local Ambulance numbers should be and always must be stated in dive plan)

Contact the Diver’s Alert Network ( Find out if victim has DAN Insurance), Local Police, and if the Victim has Travel Assistance Program. Contact the Ambulance to pick the victim up.

Contact Diving Safety Officer (DSO) and Emergency Contact Person.

Divers Alert Network: DAN http://www.danap.org/