Dauin Dive Club – About

The Club is to support the Dauin Diver Programs, It not only helps us keep our doors open but the club will also be part of a bigger system that will help give the local divers a say in the community. With the Support of this Membership Program divers will also receive a discount on supplies used in there training program.

Cost of the Membership Program will be kept as minimal as possible we will be asking a Membership Fee of 300 Pesos a month, The membership fee if a member lapses in there payment will have a reinstatement fee of 300 pesos plus the monthly membership cost.

Discounts that the members of the Club will receive will be as follows.

Air Cost of 150 Pesos per water session (Fun Dive or Free Diving Lessons)
Non-Member Air Cost 250 Pesos

Equipment Rental Free if taking a Class.
Non-Members Equipment Rental Fee 100 Pesos per class Schedule or 200 Pesos for a fun dive.

Fun Dives on Special Fun Dive Class events for 250 Pesos
Regular non-guided Fun Dives (For Cert. Dauin Diver) at the Cost of 400 Pesos (If equipment is not being used for a class.

Free Reef Fee for Dives that take place in our Dive Site that is used for Classes (Pura Vita)
Non-Member Pay the 140 Pesos for Reef Fee prior to entry into the water for all class and non class activities.

More Discounts to Follow as the program continues