Beach Clean Up 2016-09-13

Today was a Success!!!  We managed to pick up 14 klg of garbage from the beach!!! 

Great Job guys!!!

With the growing amount of garbage that is growing on shores around the world it takes just so little time, an hour spent, we picked up 14klg of trash and litter that has built along the beach where Sea Dreams Resort starts. 

Most of the garbage is stuff that came from the Sea and washed up on shore.... so that was good to see that it was not mostly litter left behind. 

We here at Sanctuary Teaching and Learning Center are committed to cleaning the shores we dive in and takes so little time to give back!!! We continue on our mission to teach divers it is our Social Responsibility to do what we can... we teach each one of our students the importance of picking up what you can when you are diving or if on the beach ... Every little bit counts!!!

Thank You to our helpers and look forward to our next cleaning where we will pick up where we left off on our mission to canvas the complete beaches of Dauin.  


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